Sunday, November 07, 2010

Soñar no cuesta nada (A ton of luck 2006) Film

Based on a true story, a group of 147 overworked and underpaid Colombian soldiers find the treasure they didn't seek; $46 million. The film is a surreal black comedy and follows 4 of the 147 soldiers who were part of the anti-guerrilla "Destroyer" battalion, and tells of their story leading up to and after finding the money. The soldiers decide to divide the money between themselves instead of giving the money to the Colombian government. The soldiers don't have food, water or toilet paper, but instead use their bags full of money as pillows. As the soldiers are recalled and taken back into civilization, they start to use their money for bad things, spending it on brothels, alcohol and prostitutes. The discovery the soldiers made changed their lives. They no longer live in poverty and now are capable of achieving their dreams. Now they hope to return to civilization and make their dreams come true.

Rodrigo Triana
Jörg Hiller, Clara María Ochoa
Marlon Moreno, Diego Cadavid, Juan Sebastián Aragón and Manuel José Chávez
Release Date: 11 August 2006 (Colombia)
Produced by: CMO Producciones

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