Saturday, November 06, 2010

El Rey (The King 2004) Film

An action thriller about the adventurous world of the origin of drug trafficking in Colombia, where there are several subplots. Pedro Rey, a bandit of low status in partnership whith Harry, an American working for the Peace Corps, creates an ingeniusmechanism to process cocaine and bring in to America. El Pollo, a gangster who was always in love with Blanca, lost her love when she meets and marries whith the king. Comrade, a chemical communist party member, him to be dismiss from his job from a multinational finds in the cocaine an alternative of life. The business grows and king embarks on a scale of corruption, which, leads him to become a murder to show off their power. Then, driven by ambition to ascend in status falls in love to Laura, an attractive middle-class that uses him to finance his political campaign. King seeks international contacts and blinded by ambition, dreams of making the multinational drug business that Colombians can not have. In this way, passes over hios wife and friends, thinking only in use they for their purposes, making accomplices his most dangerous adversaries. Cold-blooded killing, humiliation and the dirty business will not to wait. The story has as backdrop the economic and political double moral in Colombia, the decomposition of revolutionary utopias and the American interference in the origin of illicit drug business.

Director/Writer: Jose Antonio Dorado
Also starring: Fernando Solorzano, Cristina Umaña, Marlon Moreno
Release Date: 6 October 2004 (Colombia)

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